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A display fixture is provided with the first palette of 50 rakes to each retail location.


One One-handed Pass Equals 98% Clean Grass! Guaranteed. Period!

Lifetime Warranty – Just Pay Shipping & Handling

36” Lawn Comb Rake has 72 tines that mesh together affording a four season effective use for removing unwanted thatch, grass etc. Aggressiveness of the convex shaped tines is controlled by the angle of the handle.



Until now, a rake is a rake is a rake. However, the Lawn Comb Rake simply combs your lawn like a comb combs your hair.

Lawn Comb Rake will make these obsolete as pertaining to leaf removal.


About the Inventor – One of many product designs that makes life easier.

Larry Gibson’s life has been spent with his fellowman in mind as it was with most folks years past. This mindset has served this 82 year old South Carolinian throughout a long career as a sharecropper’s son, as a student bus driver, brick layer apprentice, land owner at the age of 18, and masonry contractor at age 20. At age 33, he established Artistic Builders, a very successful company developing many subdivisions and building thousands of homes. He greatly cheers the fact he taught 18 young men of his basic background the masonry trade who became their own masonry subcontractors.
The Lawn Comb Rake® is his latest endeavor for the service of mankind. This product is now in unlimited production. He knows it will serve a purpose that no other rake can possibly serve. His motto: One One-handed Pass Equals 98% Clean Grass! Guaranteed. Period!


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